Kafu Kalawa

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Irina Markovskaya

Irina (alias Markovka) was born in Krasnodar (Russia). As a young girl Irina was drawn to the visual arts. She nevertheless went on to study economics, but – coincidence or not – the university also taught art. Irina passed by the art rooms every day, and the creative activities taking place inside inspired her much more than her books on economic theory. Slowly her note pad became a sketch pad. Irina developed a fondness of ‘patterns’. Her work has not remained unnoticed: she has won various prizes and has been included in an exclusive summary catalog of promising Russian graphic designers.
Jono: “Those who think of Irina, think of patterns. She is truly phenomenal in this respect. It is the great recognizability and individuality that appeals to me so in her work. I chose ‘Kafu Kalawa’. Playfulness and cheerfulness as well as endlessness and the unfathomable are all expressed here in a masterful way.”


Kafu Kalawa
by Irina Markovskaya

Serie: Premium
Size: 20 * 15 cm
Origin: Russia