The Specifications

What can you clean with the Jono™?

The Jono is ideal for safe, easy cleaning of tablet PCs, smartphones, desktop PCs, lenses, binoculars, glasses, cameras, TVs, laptops, game consoles, GPS screens, jewelry, watches, chrome, the glass plates of copiers and the like.

Instructions for use

Jono is easy to use. The looped side of the cloth will quickly and easily clean any hard, high-quality surface. It’s best to first blow or wipe off any loose particles on the screen and then clean with the cloth using a circular motion. If the surface to be cleaned is very dirty, dip the Jono into some sterilized water. Never use cleaning agents (so no soap, sprays, solvents or similar products). After intensive use it’s a good idea to clean the Jono itself. You can wash the Jono in the washing machine on the cold cycle. Note: Do not use a fabric softener. It’s also better to air-dry the Jono. Don’t put it in the dryer because there is less chance of shrinkage this way.

The advantages

Jonodesign uses exclusively microfiber for the Jono. Microfiber is a more costly material than cotton or acrylic, for example, but it also has considerably better properties. The Jono microfiber cleaning cloth sets itself apart by offering:
Improved moisture-absorbing capacity. The Jono can absorb up to 8 times its weight in liquid.
Lower costs. With the Jono it isn’t necessary to use (expensive) cleansers, all the while obtaining perfect end results (no streaks, no damage to the protective coating and brilliantly clean).
Better dust-retaining capacity for faster, more effective, scratch-proof cleaning.
More environmentally friendly. Jono can be used over and over (in the washing machine is not a problem).
Improved hygiene. The Jono prevents multiplication of bacteria and the unpleasant odors these can cause. 

Freshen up your screen. Design your life.

Your own Jono as wallpaper

Jonodesign is helping you to make the world a bit more beautiful. For every Jono you select, you will also receive wallpaper for your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. This way you can create your own atmosphere. How it works. You buy a Jono. On your dashboard automatically appears the associated wallpaper. There are three formats. Just click on the desired format and the download starts. Then set the image as wallpaper on your own device.

Facts and figures

The Jono is a mix of 75% polyester and 25% nylon.
The polyester and nylon are alternately fused together by means of a nozzle. Then the fiber is separated many times until only microfiber remains.
The thickness of the triangular microfibers is less than 1/100 of a human hair.
Due to the ultrafine material, it has a very large capacity to trap dirt and moisture.
The Jono is 100% lint-free.
The Jono’s dimensions are 15 cm x 20 cm (as large as the illuminated screen of an iPad).
The Jono fulfills the cleaning requirements stipulated in the manuals of touchscreen equipment such as the iPhone and iPad.  

The Jono is available in three models

The models are identical in regard to material use and technical specifications. The same exacting quality requirements apply to all Jonodesign cloths. There is, however, a difference in the edition, exclusiveness and availability. 

This edition is not limited. The entire premium collection is available in the online store. A part of the collection is available from Jonodesign resellers .

This edition is not limited. A part of this exclusive collection is available both in the online store as well as from Jonodesign resellers. A part is also exclusively available from a specific Jonodesign reseller.

Limited Edition
This edition is limited. Each item has a numbered, signed certificate. The entire collection is available in the online store. A part of these Limited Editions is available from Jonodesign resellers.

The perfect gift

A Jono. Great to give, fantastic to receive!